YoYos in the Capital!

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This afternoon the Kansas City YoYo Club was invited to perform 2 demos and conduct 2 workshops at The Kansas Children's Discovery Center in our capital city, Topeka! Topeka is about 1 and a half hours west of where we normally meet, but those dedicated few in the area know that expansion of the yoyo club is vital to success. Thankfully, not only did we have great support from club regulars like Tommy and his Granfather Van, Petra, Connor and Joel, but we had some great local players in the form of Jacob Deffenbaugh and Alex Jones!

The show started with a physics lesson by Dr. Thomas from Washburn University.

Jacob and Tommy were both a huge help as they aren't really concerned with stage fright. They got up with me and helped demonstrate everything from basic tricks like Rock the Baby, to much more advanced tricks like Split The Atom.

Jacob's 5a is just amazing and he got a great response from his hometown crowd.
And of course, fan favorite Tommy put on an amazing show as well.
The workshops after both sessions were excellent! It seems like anytime we put on a show like this, the interest in yoyos explode. We had many parents interested in the club, unfortunately most of them were from right there in Topeka so it's a bit of a drive. However an expansion project is in the works! Can you get excited for a Topeka branch of the KCYYC? I know I can!

The Children's Discovery Center is an amazing place, I'm so glad we had the opportunity to perform there. Ms. Springer, our contact for the center was very helpful and accommodating for our event, we all hope we can work with the center again soon! Thanks for having us out!

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