What's yoing on?

So many people at the club recently have been asking me where I choose to buy my gear. It really depends on what is in stock and where, but for most of my items I generally recommend my good friends John and Julia over at http://www.whatsyoingon.com/. On top of both being great folks, they have an awesome store that opened recently. Taking a look around, the first thing I noticed was "Holy moly, they actually have sought after yoyos IN STOCK!". Just take a look for yourself! The second thing I noticed was their competitive prices. For the rest of the year you can use the code "10%OFF" at checkout to take 10% off their already alarmingly low prices. If that wasn't enough, any orders over $100 get free priority shipping.

I recently ordered a General Yo Entheos from John. I ordered it on a Wednesday, and it was at my house by Friday morning. Talk about fast! They take timely shipping very seriously.

There are numerous other stores around that are great as well, like

and even companies that sell their own products from their websites.

all of which I have purchased from in the past and had fantastic experiences with.

If you want a great price, with a bonus 10% off, free shipping and phenomenal customer service, you can't beat whatsyoingon.
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  1. Yeah john has blazing fast shipping!

  2. This a nice store. It's small at the moment, but its going to get bigger. Also I would say that they have a very good forum. It too is small, but will get bigger.


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