Representing KC: Alexander Bonham-Carter.

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Alex has been coming to the Kansas City club for a little over a year. I came into contact with him through the yoyonation forum, initially struck by his forum name "stillinkansascity". Either he was a local, or he really liked Stillin car parts and Jazz music. Alex was almost immediately an anchor player in the Kansas City scene. He came into the club with very advanced skills, and above that he was ready and willing to teach. Over the past year, Alex has become known for his obscure taste in yoyos, always having something odd and new in his case. He may frequent b/s/t forums more than any other yoyoer I've ever met.

Alex does not just contribute his amazing skills to the club, he also has a very artistic eye. As a professional photographer, his skills really come in handy to us. He served as principle photographer at the Kansas State YoYo Contest 2011, which was much appreciated by all of those involved.

I've decided to go ahead and add player interviews to each profile! Here is my interview with Alex, taken at this past weeks meet.

E: How long have you been yoyoing?
Alex: Well, I started in 98, but have been yoyoing off an on since then. I've really been going hardcore for a little over a year and a half.

E: What is your favorite model of yoyo?
Alex: Definitely the Y-Factor by One Drop.

E: What are your future goals for your yoyo hobby?
Alex: Have fun, throw to enjoy it. I also have a short-term goal to go to Worlds 2012.

E: Aside from yoyoing, what accomplishments have you made?
Alex: I graduated The University of Kansas in 2009 as an english major.

E: Has that translated to your career?
Alex: *laughing* Well, I went to work for Sun Publications as a photographer until they shut down.

E: Who are your biggest yoyo influences?
Alex: Andre Boulay and his site, as well as Gerard from have been huge for me.

E: What yoyoer have you most enjoyed meeting?
Alex: DocPop, no question. I remember watching some of his videos before I got back into yoyoing thinking "How is this possible!?".

E: Final question. Any relation to Helena Bonham-Carter?
Alex: Distant.

I hope everyone is enjoying reading these articles as much as I am enjoying putting them together. Look for our next profile and interview of Kansas City YoYo Godfather and National YoYo Master Rick Wyatt soon!

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