Kansas City Juggling (and YoYo) Festival is on it's way!

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September 23, 24, 25!!!

What is in store for YOU are the festival? Well, Friday the 23rd anyone is welcome to come TOTALLY FREE OF CHARGE! Come work on your Juggling/YoYo/Spintop skills with some of the regions best! Trade tricks and gear and get prepared for the festivities that SATURDAY brings!

On Saturday the festivities continue in the morning and the afternoon, leading to the workshop series in the late afternoon! Workshops for YoYoing, Juggling, Poi, Hula Hooping and Top Spinning will be hosted by some of Kansas Cities finest up and coming enthusiasts.

Saturday afternoon we will also be conducting a revolutionary "Best YoYo Trick Competition"!!! This is not your normal YoYo Contest. Each performer will have 3 throws to impress the judges. If you hit your trick the first time, then there is no need to use your last 2 throws! Bring your best ORIGINAL trick. Judging will be based equally upon technicality, originality, and broad appeal. A top prize will be awarded, as well as the title of Kansas City Juggling Festival YoYo Trick Innovator of 2011!

Admittance into the workshops and contest is included in the $10 charge for entrance into the evening show!

Speaking of the evening show... The Juggling festival culminates on Saturday night with a world class Juggling and Skill Toy exhibition.
  • 2011 World Spintop Champion Chris Neff will be performing!
  • Some sort of YoYo demonstration!
  • Lots of Juggling, including the world famous Marco Paoletti!
  • All that and much, much more for the low price of $10!
We are looking forward to seeing Jugglers, Spin Toppers, Hula Hoopers, Performers and YoYoers (but especially yoyoers!) this September at the Kansas City Juggling Festival!
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